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Magnetic Billiards Degauss card

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Wed, 10 Dec 2008
Subject: Magnetic Billiards: Seriously Casual

Ste Pickford

This is a finished texture from the new game, Magnetic Billiards.

It's for one of the 'trick cards' that appear in the game, which you earn by making certain cluster shapes (in this case, the very difficult 'atomic' shape), and which, when played, make certain tricks or events happen on the table (in this case, the brilliantly named 'degauss').

The texture shows both the front and the back of a card - obviously you would only see one side of it at a time in the game.

I must have redesigned the trick images on the cards about three or four times, as well as coming up with at least two or three different sets of ideas for possible 'tricks'. A lot of the ideas seemed OK on paper, but weren't much fun in the game, or didn't really seem that exciting or attractive during play. We have about nine trick cards at the moment, but still have a couple more ideas that we haven't implemented yet.

I'll still probably fiddle with some of the designs again before release.

The cluster shape art on the left was dead easy, and came from our early blueprint prototype.

Check out the 'older pic' link above for a video of the game in action, with the degauss card being played.


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