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Dirty Drivin' Concept Art

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Tue, 02 Dec 2008
Subject: Dirty Driving

Ste Pickford

To follow up yesterday's video / screenshot of our old Dirty Drivin' prototype, from 2000, I've dug out some of the concept art from the short pitch doc we put together.

This artwork was done by the excellent Paul Salmon, who worked with us at Zed Two. He was a superb draughtsman, and regularly knocked out this kind of stuff for us in no time at all, inbetween doing 'proper' work for whatever project he was working on.

Zed Two was a small studio, so we had to work on concepts and pitches in the cracks between other, paying projects. We rarely had the money to dedicate staff to work on concepts that weren't being funded, even though it was essential we had new concepts to pitch in order to survive.

I can't remember who we showed the pitch to. All I remember is that we learned very early on that we had zero chance of it being picked up and funded by anyone.

No matter how cool the idea of live, splashing mud was (and it was pretty cool, as both Sega and Sony released games recently with this feature as a big selling point - and nobody had done a quadbike game at the time), and no matter how much effort we put into proving we had the technology to implement it, the logic of publishers is that only driving game studios can make driving games.

Zed Two had never made a driving game, therefore Zed Two would never land a contract to develop a new driving game.



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