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Dirty Drivin' Prototype

Archive entry by JPickford on Mon, 01 Dec 2008
Subject: Dirty Driving


This is a video of a prototype we were working on at Zed Two back in 2000 ish. The idea was to create a driving game with a full mud simulation. It was sort of based on what we'd done with the flowing water in Wetrix. This was actually aimed at GCPS2 level tech rather than current gen stuff so I think it would have been quite cool if we'd pulled it off.

The mud wasn't cosmetic, you could fling as much mud around as you liked, fill pits with it, build hills out of it etc. The trick to getting it work on the limited tech of the time was to use a large texture to cache the visual side of it and only use live polygons close to the player vehicle. The join is quite easy to see!

The main obstacle was that no publisher would consider funding us to make a driving game because we'd never done one before. Very frustrating at the time. We never got as far as showing this to anyone (hence it still has programmer graphics).

All the (terrible) graphics were done by me, so don't blame Ste. The Lego buggy was something I found on the net.


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Hi, I cant get the video to play, any chance you could have a look? I worked on MotorStorm - this looks ace :)


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