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Vampire Circus - Alberto portrait

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Tue, 01 Sep 2009
Subject: Vampire Circus

Ste Pickford

This is a drawing from the Vampire Circus game design document, from around 1996. I've already posted some of the rough concept art from my sketchbook for this project. This is one of the more finished drawings for the document we presented to potential clients.

Alberto was the ringmaster, the leader of the team of five characters you controlled. The game was designed so that you controlled just a single character out of the five in the party, and the others would be under AI control, although you could switch which of the five you were controlling. Each had different skills and abilities, so there was good reason to swap your control between different characters, and it was also possible to lose members of your party to the vampire hoard, so you could only control members of the party that remained alive.


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