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Equinox boss #6 - (pyramid fella)

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Tue, 04 Aug 2009
Subject: Solstice 2

Ste Pickford

At last I've managed to find a picture of the 6th boss from our SNES adventure game Equinox, from about 1992.

It's not a very good picture unfortunately, and I've forgotten his name. This boss was at the end of the sandy, slightly Egyptian themed dungeon. He was actually massive on screen, using a full screen layer, and spun around on the vertical axis chasing your character around the room, so although he looks very plain in a single image, he looked pretty cool in action.

I remember it was really difficult to condense the different frames of rotation into a set of characters, as the odd diagonal lines of the pyramid edges at different frames of rotation didn't neatly follow character boundaries. Some lines had hardly any repeated characters. That's why, even on a plain frame like this, you can see that I'd chosen to sacrifice some characters that only contained a single pixel of colour (the black outline appears to have little notches missing here and there), in order to save a precious character or two.


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The character there is Eyesis, if I recall correctly. Also, I remember the in-game sprite being red, so how come this one is yellow?


Ste Pickford

I can't remember!


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