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Ironsword / Silverword fonts

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Mon, 03 Aug 2009
Subject: IronSword

Ste Pickford

Some bitmap fonts from the early NES games we developed at Zippo games in the late 80s / early 90s.

The first two of these fonts are from Ironsword. I love the 8x8 pixel one, which is very readable but fairly stylish too - a slightly improved version of the Feud font. The 16x16 pixel one isn't very good - I think I just expanded the small font and smoothed the edges, but was hardly used in the game at all (pretty much just in the end credits).

The 8x16 pixel font is a much nicer large version of the small font, and this was drawn for Ironsword's sequel: Wizards and Warriors 3 (called Silversword in development), which also used the small Ironsword font.


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Very cool font! Is it possible to use the font for a freeware game... released under creative commons?


Ste Pickford

I don't think I own the copyright myself, but I have no object to you using it.


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