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Plok SNES sprites #1

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Wed, 10 Jun 2009
Subject: Plok!

Ste Pickford

Isn't this brilliant? This is a file I found on the internet containing all the sprite frames of the main character from our Plok game on the SNES.

Someone had been through the ROM and ripped out all the individual sprite frames and put them together in this handy format. Or maybe they cut them all out of screenshots played on a PC emulator? I've no idea how they did it actually. Because Plok had detachable arms, legs and body, he didn't have individual sprite frames in the traditional sense. Each frame was a composite of multiple discreet graphics, overlaid and positioned relative to each other. It must have been a ton of work for somebody to piece them all back together just from the data contained in the ROM.

I'm glad they did. I'm surprised how many frames there actually were. We probably never saw all the frames in one place like this when we were making the game.

Although I did the character design, and the original Plok pixel graphics for the Fleapit coin-op, I wasn't actually the artist on Plok. All the actual pixel plotting was done by the Lead Artist on the project, the excellent Lyndon Brooke. All these are his actual pixel graphics.


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I wonder... what were the rage sprites and top right sprites used for?


Ste Pickford

Can't remember!



Ok I went on your Discord server and apparently they were used for the sawblade jump


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