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ET CGB art - Angelica plant

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Fri, 05 Jun 2009
Subject: ET and the Cosmic Garden

Ste Pickford

Here's a surprise - something I thought I'd lost forever!

This is a drawing I did of one of a series of funky plants for an encyclopaedia in the GameBoy Colour ET game (ET and the Cosmic Garden), that we did at Zed Two in around 2001.

At the time I was running the studio full time, so hardly doing any graphics work, and hardly doing any drawing in my spare time either (running a studio is hard work!). I saw an opportunity to grab myself a bit of drawing work, and help the project out (it was a tight deadline), by doing some paper drawings of plants that could be scanned in. There were 32 or 64 different plant types, invented by the brilliant Warren Lancashire who did a lot of work on the game design, and I did drawings for all of them, sat in my office, between making phone calls, sorting out contracts and deals, and generally running the business. I really enjoyed the change of pace a bit of drawing gave me, and I kept all 64 (or 32) drawings in a little folder that I lost during the disruption of the Warthog takeover.

I was digging through some old backup .zip files yesterday and found a single backup containing about half of my plant drawings for this project. I've not even been through them all yet, but here's the first one, a plant called Angelica.

Below is the actual CGB graphic, as it would have appeared in the game, in the pages of the plant encyclopaedia.


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