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Sticky Balls PSP screenshots

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Mon, 01 Jun 2009
Subject: Sticky Balls

Ste Pickford

After posting all the PC, Pocket PC and Gizmondo screenshots of Sticky balls on here a few weeks back, and lamenting the fact that I had no shots of the almost-complete but unreleased PSP version, I got a nice email from my friend Tim, who worked at Warthog with us while the game was being developed, and who still had a couple of screenshots on an old hard drive.

He mailed them to me last week, and here they are. Not super high res I'm afraid, but pretty interesting anyway.

This version of the game looks very different from the PC / Pocket PC version we developed at Zed Two, but also quite different from the Gizmondo version that eventually saw a commercial release.

John and I were only around at the very start of the PSP version's developent. We were made redundant soon after, so the game as shown here didn't have much involvement from us.

It looks like it has more complex level designs, with hills and slopes. More like Crazy Golf I guess. There was a good chance this would have been ready for the PSP launch, or at least not long after the console's release in Europe, so probably would have sold reasonably well.

It would have sold better than the Gizmondo version, anyway!


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