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Venom Spirit - cover

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Tue, 19 May 2009
Subject: Venom Spirit

Ste Pickford

This sketch was the cover of the game design document for a game we designed called 'Venom Spirit', from around 1994.

The game was a Capcom style Strider / Mega Man kind of platformer, filled with amazing set-pieces, like a James Bond movie.

It was the game we were designing for the SNES as a follow up for Plok (not a sequel to Plok), which we'd sold to Software Creations and got underway there. We figured if we'd got one original design of ours commissioned and developed, we could get another one made.

The did tons of concept work, and the game was started and had some good tech, but was dropped in favour of the Cutthroat Island movie license game for Acclaim in some moment of panic by the boss of the studio, so all we have left are the pages of concept art and storyboards.


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