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Stickyballs Gizmondo cover

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Fri, 15 May 2009
Subject: Sticky Balls

Ste Pickford

I was going to finish off this suite of Sticky Balls images with a screenshot of the partially developed PSP version, but try as I might I can't find any image from that version in my archives.

I was sure I had a least a screenshot.

I did find this though, a mock up of the cover of the Gizmondo version - the only actual released version of the game.

John and I had nothing to do with this version of the game. I think it grew out of the PSP version, which was started a little while before we were made redundant, and which I think was close to completion.

Warthog were in trouble of their own, and were bought by Gizmondo. As Gizmondo were about to launched a hand-held gaming device, competing directly with the PSP, I don't think Sony were too happy with one of their competitors (which Warthog were, from the day they sold to Gizmondo) also being a PSP developer, with devkits and access to technical info etc., so the very day that the acquisition was announced, Sony sent over a courier to pick up the PSP devkits and any other Sony dev equipment they had. The poor PSP programmer was left twiddling his thumbs - unable to complete the game he'd be slaving over for months!

I've never played this version of Sticky Balls. I don't think it's very much like our game at all - more like a kind of crazy golf thing by the look of it, than the pool / snooker type score attack type game that we came up with. I've got to admit that it looks very pretty. There's even a daft animated video with a song that they produced for this game, on YouTube somewhere.

When the manual for this game was written by the team, the first line in the credits was 'orignal game designed by John Pickford and Ste Pickford', or something like that, which was nice as we didn't work at the studio any more and in video games it's quite common to lose any credit on a project if you're not employed at the time of completion (crazy, but true).

Apparently the main manager at the Warthog / Gizmondo studio saw our names in the credits and demanded that they be removed. The team refused, so our credit remained in the final release. Which was nice.

I know credits are no big deal in themselves, and mistakes are quite often made in credit lists, but what on earth motivates somebody to try to remove another person's legitimate credit from a project they worked on - a project they conceived in the first place?


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