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Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Tue, 12 May 2009
Subject: Sticky Balls

Ste Pickford

This is another logo designed for us by Head First (who also did Pillage and Wetrix logos for us), from an early version of Sticky Balls.

Sticky Balls was a lovely, simple puzzle game, originally coded and designed by John at home one weekend, as part of an attempt to get back to the basics of game design, while the studio (Zed Two) was in the middle of developing multi-million dollar licensed games, where any attempt at game design was being squeezed out in favour of licensor requirements.

We gave away an early prototype of the game through our website as a free demo on the PC, which was very popular (we had online high score tables that were always busy), but I can't remember if this logo was on that version.

We carried on development of the game with an eye to releasing it as a downloadable game (this was in 2002, before download games had taken off in a big way), and we were very close to a release through Real Arcade, who were the big player in PC download games at the time. We also did a Pocket PC version, which was excellent, and pretty much finished. Neither versions were ever officially released.

We were taken over by Warthog, and initially they shelved the finished PC / Pocket PC versions to pursue a possible PSP version. Warthog saw a PSP version being much more lucrative than download games, even though the game download version was finished. They carried on working on Sticky Balls after they made John and I redundant, turning it into some kind of crazy golf type game for the ill-starred Gizmondo console (Gizmondo took over Warthog in the meantime), which eventually saw a limited release, although we've never played that version ourselves.


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