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Fleapit title screen

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Thu, 30 Apr 2009
Subject: Fleapit

Ste Pickford

This is a blast from the past. This is the title screen of a coin-op game we made at Zippo Games in 1988, for Rare's arcade machine hardware called The Razz board.

The game was never finished or released, and we later resurrected the game as Plok on the SNES when we were working at another studio.

John and I used the Super Ravioli Brothers name a couple of years earlier on a coin-op version of 'World Darts' we did for Mastertronic's Amiga based Arcadia system. John and I did the regular Amiga version of the game at Binary Design, but there was some reason why we couldn't put our names on the coin-op conversion of it (I think we might have left Binary Design and were setting up Zippo at this point, so weren't supposed to be working on the World Darts project), so we came up with this daft pseudonym. When Fleapit came along, we decided this was our official coin-op pseudonym, and decided to use it again.

The screen is a little plain as this the logo and the lettering were actually overlaid over the game running, in a coin-op style attract mode. I don't have any proper screenshots of the game, just a few of my working graphics files.

I've no idea why I was trying to rip of Roger Dean. I guess it was in the air at the time (Psygnosis had a lot of Roger Dean artwork).


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