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Cosmic Pirate Artwork

Archive entry by JPickford on Mon, 06 Apr 2009
Subject: Cosmic Pirate


Another image from the stash of old papers I found recently.

It's a bit of concept art from our Amiga game 'Cosmic Pirate'.

The big idea behind the game was using a screen background layer as a large 'sprite' which could be many screens in size.

The player would have to attack these ever large ships and eventually dock with them to take control.

I'm sure I thought I was being awfully original at the time but it's really the same idea used in R-Type (to far greater effect).

This image was stapled to one for another game 'urchin' which we put together for our first meeting with Rare (around 1988).

So I think these papers might be part of the stuff we took along to that meeting.


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