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Plok The Exploding Man

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Thu, 26 Mar 2009
Subject: Fleapit

Ste Pickford

Following on from last week's Cosmic Pirate picture, here's another old drawing on the Letratone tip.

This was one of the first finished drawings I did of the character Plok, which we came up with at Zippo Games for a coin-op game we developed called Fleapit. I think Fleapit was John's next project, directly after finishing Cosmic Pirate, so these drawings were done around the same time (as the Cosmic art was done at the end, for the manual, and the Fleapit art was done at the beginning for the project, as proper concept art) and I was obviously big on Letratone around then.

Fleapit never came out (although it was developed to a pretty advanced stage), but we resurrected Plok for his own game on the SNES at Software Creations a few years later.


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