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Weird castle - Knight games 2?

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Fri, 20 Mar 2009
Subject: Knight Games 2

Ste Pickford

Here's a weird one. This is a picture (well, two pictures) of a castle that I have no recollection of drawing. It looks like my work though, from around 1987, so I think I did it. They were in a pile of my old drawings anyway.

Judging by the arena-looking shape at the bottom of the coloured version, I'm guessing that it was a background for Knight Games 2. This was one of the 'foreigner' projects I did a bit of work on for English Software.

English Software were a little publisher who happened to be in the same building as Binary Design, the first development studio I worked at, in Parsonage Gardens in central Manchester.

My first boss, David Whittaker, took me around to their offices one lunch time, only a few weeks after I'd started work aged 16, and introduced me to Phil English, as we called him (Phil Morris), the boss of English. Phil would give Binary Design staff the odd bit of freelance work on the side, for a bit of extra cash.

I did some work on Knight Games 2 for English, but I never really understood the game, or played it particularly. It was just little bits like a background for this level, or a map for another level. Things that only took me a couple of evenings or a weekend.

Loads of the Binary lads did bits for Phil. I never knew if the boss at Binary knew about this arrangement, or if he would have been upset if he did know.


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