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Equinox boss #5 - Dollop

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Tue, 03 Mar 2009
Subject: Solstice 2

Ste Pickford

This is the fifth boss in our SNES game, Equinox. This guy jumped around the screen and tried to squash you underneath him, and generally did all the things a baddie does when he's made out of a whole screen layer.

There were three more Equinox bosses after this one (we had a nice, computery, eight levels), but unfortunately I'm no longer good enough to get past the fifth level on an emulator, and seemingly so is everyone else on the internet, as I can't find any captured graphics online anywhere. I've also lost most of my backup disks for Equinox, so I don't have many of the source graphics.

It's a shame, as the one for level 7 - Billy Bones - was really good.


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