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The Pickford BrothersJohn and Ste


Ste's Bitmap Fonts

I used to love designing video game fonts, and I think I was reasonably good at it. Its very easy to draw a bad font and plenty of otherwise very talented artists don't have the knack of creating well proportioned character glyphs, let alone doing them in 8x8 pixels. Back in the days when most video game artists could barely draw at all I quickly gained a reputation as the font expert, and drew the fonts for many games which I wasn't otherwise involved in.

Like the loading screen, the hand-drawn bitmap font is becoming a relic of video game history, as its much easier and quicker nowadays to rasterise one of the thousands of vector True Type or Type 1 fonts, and get a complete set of perfectly proportioned character glyphs in minutes, including all the european punction etc.

I plan to hand draw a new video game font for a future Pickford Bros game.

As so many people have trouble designing nice looking game fonts I thought it would be helpful to include all my old bitmap game fonts here (or all the ones I can find), in a usable, downloadable format for homebrew or indie game developers. Feel free to use any of these fonts for whatever purpose you see fit.

The Fonts

Ste Pickford, 11th January 2006