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Naked War


Naked War - John & Ste models

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Wed, 01 Jul 2009
Subject: Naked War PC

Ste Pickford


Here's something I did for a bit of fun one weekend (I say one weekend, it probably ended up taking me a whole week). These are the Naked War character / head models, bastardised to look (a bit) like me and my brother. I'm the handsome looking one on the right!

Partly just for fun, and partly because we had a vague idea of actually sticking the two of us in version 2 of the game, introducing and explaining the game in some kind of tutorial.

We were never keen on tutorials, which is one of the reasons Naked War didn't have one (the other reason is that they are incredibly difficult and time consuming to create). After release it became clear that the game needed one, so we've always planned to address this shortcoming with the second version of the game.

As we don't really enjoy playing through most game tutorials, we didn't want to make a tutorial that was just like those in other games, so one idea that John had would be to make it a bit personal. John or myself would pop up from behind a tree, or from inside a tank, and explain that we're the fellas who made the game, and this is how such-a-feature worked, or this is why we made this feature work in that way, etc.

You'd get to blow us up at the end if you found the tutorial annoying! Then we had the idea of making a custom squad of four soldiers just for mine and John's use when playing against other people, but I'd have to make two more heads for that to happen.

We've not had chance to work on the Naked War tutorial for version 2 yet, although I think we've made almost every mistake it's possible to make while working on the Magnetic Billiards tutorial late last year (most of which I've been fixed now), so we're pretty confident we can put something together that won't be annoying once we find the time.


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Yay! There is life in Naked War again!


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