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Naked War


On the backburner

Blog posted by JPickford on Mon, 11 May 2009
Subject: Naked War PC


A while ago we were offered an opportunity (funding) to make the game which has become Magnetic Billiards. Taking up the offer meant putting the second version of Naked War on the 'backburner' for a while. Various stuff happened and we ended up back in a self-publishing situation with that game but it's turned out pretty well and is very close to completion. A couple of months back we were offered another (very exciting) opportunity which has meant putting MB on the backburner for a short (hopefully) while. Everything is good and the new project is very exciting but it does put us in the odd situation of having two near-complete products on the shelf. We will rectify this at the earliest opportunity.

The image is from Naked War V2. It's a test screen for a little 3D message system. Not too exciting but it seemed fitting.


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