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Naked War


A strategic turn-based battle game for iOS

Declare War on your friends via Game Center
Play the single player Campaign

Coming soon to your iPhone and iPad.

Naked War iPhone splash

Naked War is a strategic, turn-based, two-played battle game
designed by The Pickford Bros.

The game was originally developed and released on PC, and is now being revamped, redesigned and enhanced for release on iOS in 2015.

What they said about the PC version:


"One of the most refreshing and damn near essential games of the year"

9 / 10

PC Zone

"One of the most impressive indie games to date"

85 %

PC Gamer


80 %

Pickford Bros logo
Designed and Developed by
The Pickford Brothers


"Naked War is a game with enormous and entertaining hidden depth"

8 / 10

Games Tunnel Game Of The Month

"It's the game I played most this month and I'd be surprised if I stop anytime in the near future."

7.8 / 10