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Naked War



Naked War screenshots taken from Beta 4, 18th July 2006

Front end

Screenshots of the front end, title screen, attract mode, options screens etc.

Front End screenshot 1

Attract mode begins on boot up.

Front End screenshot 2

The Naked War logo appears to the sound...

Front End screenshot 3

...of Loop Aznavour's 'Let Us In', as a squad...

Front End screenshot 4

... of soldiers make their way across an island...

Front End screenshot 5

...in tanks, boats...

Front End screenshot 6

and helicopters...

Front End screenshot 7

...eventually reaching the end of the island...

Front End screenshot 8

...where they start blowing things up!

Front End screenshot 9

Registered players can select Log In to access more features.

Front End screenshot 10

Previously logged in users are remembered locally.

Front End screenshot 11

Type in your username and password to log in...

Front End screenshot 12

...and Email Challenges and the Editor become available.

Front End screenshot 13

The graphics setup page allows you to adjust the performance of the game.

Front End screenshot 14

Mouse camera and zoom controls are customisable to suit all tastes.

Front End screenshot 15

You can configure the game to use non-standard http ports, or your office proxy.

Front End screenshot 16

The map selection screen shows a visual representation of all the islands available.

Front End screenshot 17

Then you get to have a good look around the island before you commit to using it.

Front End screenshot 18

Play scissors / paper / stone to see who goes first.

Turn Setup

Screenshots showing how the game is played; how the player sets up commands for a turn.

Setup screenshot 1

Each turn begins with an inspection of your squad.

Setup screenshot 2

You can rotate and zoom the camara around the island.

Setup screenshot 3

When you select a soldier to command, a star appears beneath him.

Setup screenshot 4

Yellow stripes indicate the maximum movement distance available.

Setup screenshot 5

Click anywhere in those stripes to create a move command.

Setup screenshot 6

The yellow stripes now highlight the remaining movement range.

Setup screenshot 7

Red stripes highlight the firing range from that spot.

Setup screenshot 8

Selecting a target creates a firing arrow.

Setup screenshot 9

You can add a text and voice message to any command.

Setup screenshot 10

The commands you add appear on the 'timeline' at the bottom right.

Setup screenshot 11

When you're ready, add a message and send the turn to your opponent.

Setup screenshot 12

Movement and firing arrows are only visible as you create them...

Setup screenshot 13

...but you can press space to see everything you've planned at once.

Setup screenshot 14

Line-of-sight weapons fire directly at their target, provided its visible.

Setup screenshot 15

Projectile weapons fire shells in a parabolic arc to any point within range...

Setup screenshot 16

...including cells which aren't visible from where they are fired from.

Setup screenshot 17

Boats have a long and high firing range.

Setup screenshot 18

Gun Turrets have a long firing range and a large impact radius.

Setup screenshot 19

Helicopters use line-of-sight, but hit everything between them and their target.

Setup screenshot 20

You can set up simple turns with only one or two commands...

Setup screenshot 21

...or very complex turns of up to 28 commands, if your brain is big enough!

Turn Play Back

Screenshots showing how a turn is viewed, either an incoming turn from another player, or a turn which has been set up and sent to the opponent.

Play back screenshot 1

Incoming turns begin with a recap of the status of each team's soldiers.

Play back screenshot 2

Then the turn starts, displaying a message from your opponent.

Play back screenshot 3

The soldiers move out, executing their orders.

Play back screenshot 4

In full screen playback mode, the camera keeps all the action in view.

Play back screenshot 5

Your opponent can include messages (text & speech), spoken by individual soldiers.

Play back screenshot 6

Ouch! The opposing team claim a doofer as Ste is demobbed.

Play back screenshot 7

Big explosions destroy massive sections of the island before your eyes...

Play back screenshot 8

...and leave behind deep, permenant craters.

Play back screenshot 9

As each soldier completes his moves the camera zooms in on those still active.

Play back screenshot 10

There are three other camera modes to watch play back in.

Play back screenshot 11

This is the mini-cam mode, showing a plan view of the island...

Play back screenshot 12

...with mini-cams showing a close up of each active soldier.

Play back screenshot 13

As each soldier finishes executing his commands...

Play back screenshot 14

...his mini-cam disappears...

Play back screenshot 15

...until only the last active soldier is visible.

Play back screenshot 16

The third alternate camera mode is split screen.

Play back screenshot 17

There the screen is split into quarters with 4 active soldiers...

Play back screenshot 18

...or Dallas style vertical stripes for 3 active soldiers.

Play back screenshot 19

Each soldier's commands are visible at the base of each split.

Play back screenshot 20

Only two soliders active here.

Play back screenshot 21

You get some pretty nice close ups...

Play back screenshot 22

...with only one or two soldiers active.

Play back screenshot 23

The 4th camera mode is plan view, a no frills strategic camera.

Play back screenshot 24

At the end of playback you can rewatch the turn, look around, or plan your response.



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