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Naked War


A brilliant, fun, strategic battle game for 2 players

» Available now for PC!

Naked War splash

Select your squad of four crack soldiers...

...put them in charge of some very dangerous military hardware...

...send them into battle on island arenas. Issue your commands...

...then email the turn to your opponent, and watch the debris fly!


"One of the most refreshing and damn near essential games of the year"

9 / 10

PC Zone

"One of the most impressive indie games to date"

85 %

PC Gamer


80 %

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Designed and Developed by
The Pickford Brothers


"Naked War is a game with enormous and entertaining hidden depth"

8 / 10

Games Tunnel Game Of The Month

"It's the game I played most this month and I'd be surprised if I stop anytime in the near future."

7.8 / 10

Testimonials from our players

"Naked War is the single finest game I've played for years, be it on any console or the PC, and having such an open dialogue with the core creators of a game is something of a revelation."

"Sale of the century, best game on any format in a long time"

Chopley Turnip (Zee-3 forums)

"Surely indie-game of the year. Nice one."

Hujiklo (Blitz Community forums)

"Its immediately obvious what to do - the interface is as close to perfection as you can possibly get - you're up, running and blasting in no time whatsoever."

"There's more value for money in just one credit than 90% of the entire games pumped out onto the market."

oddbob0 (Mersey Remakes Blog)

"I've joined, and I'm bloody glad that I have. Naked War is an absolutely fabulous game - the best fun I've had on a PC in ages."

poppichicken (World of Stuart forums)

"It's the online aspect that really nails it, playing against Dotterel at 1AM while we trade insults and tears on MSN is absolute magic. I'm now thouroughly enjoying myself, beyond my wildest expectations. Well done, chaps. It's f***ing brilliant."

toonfool (Zee-3 forums)

"Again you have shown what originality is and why it is so important to the world of games. Brilliant stuff, looks gorgeous, stylish, original, slick, sophisticated and above all FUN to play. Great work!"

IPete2 (Blitz Community forums)

"Subscription purchased. What a fantastic game. I find the prospect of finding Naked War turns in my inbox far more exciting than playing Half Life 2 Episode 2 (when it gets released)."

ervin (Blitz Community forums)

"I love Naked War, I love it like a big gay. Its a f***ing cracker, a gem!"

Dotterel (Consolevania review)

"This game is really great. I've just finished my first game, consider another subscription sold - after the rematch!"

GA101 (Blitz Community forums)

"I really am surprised by Naked War, it really is addictive, but what I am most surprised at is the fact that you two did it! Just goes to show your versatility!"

PSU (Zee-3 forums)

"I am really enjoying it though... That was tremendous fun!"

Armitage Shanks (Chaos Engine forum)

"I'm pretty much bored of videogames right now. Haven't touched the Xbox in tiiiime yet I'm playing Naked War quite a bit. It's f***ing cool."

Soong (Rllmuk forum)

"Congratulations on this. It's a very well-produced / compelling little game. My other half saw me playing this on Friday, and even she liked the idea, and this is from someone who never shows any interest in computer games."

bcass (Rllmuk forum)

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