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From a dusty old blueprint...

Magnetic Billiards

...to a brilliant new video game!

Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint


Enter the Blueprint Hall of Fame

Requirements for entry in the Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint Hall of Fame

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Entry Requirements

Only the very best players can have their name immortalised in the Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint Hall of Fame. To prove that you've got what it takes, all that's required is for you to achieve an S-Grade on all tables in the Classic Game. Yes, all of them!

The current complete* list of tables to earn S-Grades on is as follows:

  • All 20 Casual tables
  • All 20 Serious tables
  • All 20 Tricky tables
  • All 20 Fiendish tables

Players will also need a Game Center account and email address in order to confirm their achievements.

* The precise list of tables may change as we add more content, although players only need to meet the current requirements at the time of their entry to the Hall of Fame.

Why Enter?

Fame! Glory! Your name in lights!

We think earning an S-Grade in all the tables is a pretty amazing achievement. We made the game, and it took us a very long time to get all the S-Grades, so we wanted to give an extra little reward any player who put in the time and effort to truly complete the Classic Game.

Player who enter the Hall of Fame will have their names listed here on the Magnetic Billiards website, and even better we'll list all the Hall of Fame members within the game itself, updating the list each time we update the game on the App Store.

Finally we'll create a customised Hall of Fame certificate image for you, commemerating your incredible achievement.

Sample Hall of Fame certificate

Entry Process

In order to enter the Hall of Fame we need to confirm you've earned an S-Grade on all the Classic Game tables, listed above, which we do by comparing achievements in Game Center (each page of tables has a unique achievement for earning all S-Grades).

The process for confirmation is as follows:

  1. Send an email to support@zee-3.com with the subject 'Hall of Fame', letting us know your Game Center Nickname.
  2. Add 'Zee-3' as a friend in Game Center.
  3. We'll check your achievements in Game Center.
  4. If you've really got all the S-Grades then we'll add your name to the website Hall of Fame, email you a personlised certificate, and include your name in the in-game Hall of Fame for the next update.


Magnetic Billiards is a fresh family of puzzle games by The Pickford Bros.

The first game, Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint for iOS, is no longer available for download.

We're currently working on the follow-up, Magnetic Billiards: Seriously Casual, coming to PC soon.

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A game by The Pickford Bros

The Pickford Bros

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Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint, awarded an Honarary Zzap Sizzler!

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