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Zee-3 is an independent online publisher specialising in original video games and comics by The Pickford Bros.

Plok Vol 1 now available on Kindle, iBooks and in print


The Pickford Bros

The Pickford Bros™

The home of veteran video game designers John Pickford and Ste Pickford..

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Magnetic Billiards

Magnetic Billiards®

The BAFTA nominated game by The Pickford Bros.
» Available now for iOS on the App Store.

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Plok The Exploding Man

Plok™ The Exploding Man

Once a SNES platform game hero, now a regular comic strip.

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Naked War

Naked War™

The critically acclaimed strategy game by The Pickford Bros, coming soon for iOS.

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The home of songwriter, musician and video artist, the unique Loop-Aznavour.

Listen to his music, watch his videos, and follow his blog on this website.

Pickford Bros Workshop

Pickford Bros Workshop

A place for The Pickford Bros to share their early prototypes or abandoned experiments.

Learn about some of the ideas that might make it into future games.