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Art of Soccer


Welcome to the Art of Soccer website

A new sports strategy game by The Pickford Bros

Art of Soccer is an innovative sporting strategy game by The Pickford Bros.

It's currently at the playable prototype stage, and probably about 50% of the way towards being releasable to a first round of testers.

We were working on the game mechanics and underlying code for most of 2009, but have now switched to finishing off Magnetic Billiards for the time being.

The game is not quite ready to show anybody yet, so there are no videos or screenshots yet, sorry! Most of our work has been on the functionality and gameplay of the prototype, but we plan to expand this website with more information and visual material as we develop the game further.

Keep an eye on the blog if you want to follow the development of this game.

The Pickford Bros, May 2010


In development

Art of Soccer is currently at the prototype stage.

We're still designing and developing the game, so it's not available to download yet.

This website will be updated when it's available to test.

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A game by The Pickford Bros

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